Sports & Recreation Flooring

Sports & Recreation

FlexiFlor is an excellent choice as an athletic surface and has been utilized in countless sports arenas, gymnasiums, indoor entertainment centers and parks. Large open areas benefit from the economical cleaning and long term performance keeping life cycle costs to a minimum. It is the intelligent alternative to wood as it will not warp, shrink, or crack. Game and scoring lines are everlasting as they are integral to the floor system rather than painted on.

FlexiFlor Rubber Flooring in Gymnasium

Natural Resilience

Flexiflor’s unique resilient properties resists scuffs and wear without any added coatings. The durable surface and shine is maintained for the lifetime of the product with only a high speed buffer. In contrast, wood gym floors generally require a yearly sanding, cleaning, and application of a solvent based finish that is both costly and time consuming. The high rubber content of FlexiFlor provides an added cushion, reducing the risk and severity of strains and injuries while being supportive, comfortable, and safe to play on.  

Solid Footing

Whether you’re climbing a set of stairs to spectate or center court cutting hard to get open for a pass, firm non-slip footing is paramount for athletic performance and safety. The outstanding slip-resistant properties are inherent to both Flexiflor rubber flooring and stair treads, requiring no finishes or coating of any kind. Step up your game with the consistent performance, intelligent design, and unmatched durability of FlexiFlor! 

FlexiFlor Rubber Stair Treads in Indoor Play Park