Exacting care in every step of the process . . . this is the principal by which FlexiFlor has been produced since 1934.  

All FlexiFlor products are manufactured from scratch at our Akron, Ohio facility utilizing formulations honed by over 80 years of real-world field tested experience. Each and every incoming raw material, after being carefully selected, endures a strict certification process to ensure conformance to our standards. The strong work ethic of our highly trained team of employees combined with processing knowledge passed down over four generations allows us to efficiently serve our customers throughout the world. Through all stages of production tight tolerances are maintained to insure consistency, quality and minimization of waste.  Any waste generated is reprocessed and incorporate in large part back into many of our products. 

At FlexiFlor quality is not only the responsibility upheld by each and every member of our team, it is the promise we make to the architects, builders, designers, installers, and facility managers we serve.

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