Cleaning & Care

Cleaning and Care

"The low maintenance features of FlexiFlor have saved us approximately four full-time employees, and that translates into thousands of dollars. Also, additional money was saved in floor finish because it is not required."
Howard Falkner
University Hospital LA
"FlexiFlor sheet rubber is extremely easy and inexpensive to maintain. It doesn't require any of the chemicals or waxes like VCT, we just buff it and it shines up like new. Our schools have been using FlexiFlor for a long time and it's quality is unmatched."
Alan Hayman
Custodial Supervisor Grand Island Public Schools

It is not uncommon to find FlexiFlor installations over 40 years old, remarkably showing little signs of wear while retaining its original luster. There is simply no other flooring product that maintains its value and saves so much money in the long run. FlexiFlor’s unique combination of extreme long-term durability and low maintenance has yet to be equaled in the flooring industry despite many claims and attempts over our 80 year history. 

FlexiFlor Rubber Flooring in School after 38 years
after 38 years