FlexiFlor® Installation

FlexiFlor Installation

FlexiFlor Sheet Rubber Flooring Install

Sheet Rubber

FlexiFlor installation is straightforward. Sheet rubber flooring is supplied in untrimmed rolls 41″ in width. Rolls are unwound and dry-cut by overlapping and double cutting through the material. The trimmed sheets are then rolled up and the applicable adhesive is spread evenly onto the subfloor. FlexiFlor is then unrolled into the bed of adhesive and rolled with a 100-150 pound roller in both directions to ensure proper adhesion. Due to FlexiFlor’s remarkable dimensional stability, no heat welding or seam sealers are required or recommended as in other flooring products. With proper care the result is a tightly fit nearly undetectable finished seam.

Subfloor condition and cleanliness are critical to an attractive and long lasting installation. Following subfloor moisture guidelines and thorough subfloor cleaning prior to laying FlexiFlor will go a long way toward a trouble-free finished floor system that will last decades even in the most demanding environments.  Learn more

Rubber Stair Treads

The installation of FlexiFlor rubber stair treads is basic and performed with few tools. No special tools are required as stair treads and risers are cut to fit with a straightedge and utility knife.  Once the tread is dry fit and trimmed to width, the proper adhesive is spread onto the clean/dry step. The tread is then firmly placed into the adhesive and may be weighted if necessary.