FlexiFlor Press in 1930s

The story of FlexiFlor began in 1931 when three entrepreneurs (C. E. Reiss, P. P. Crisp & H. C. Allyn) took a chance and purchased a fledgling rubber company in Akron, Ohio. Believing in the free enterprise system where innovation and excellence are products of an open competitive society, they set their sights on producing the finest rubber flooring products available at the time. Initial products were molded rubber utility mats, automobile mats, and stair treads.

By the mid 1930’s the company introduced and began producing FlexiFlor sheet rubber flooring and coordinating Wall-Flex® rubber wall coverings and accessories. With their unique combination of durability, comfort, and value the products were an immediate success and in demand throughout various industries. From United States battleships to hospitals, schools, banks, offices, stores, hotels and churches, FlexiFlor became the premium choice in floor coverings.

The 1950’s were a time of plant expansion as new product designs and marketing generated explosive growth through architects, designers, and builders discovering the aesthetic and occupant benefits of FlexiFlor, particularly in high foot-traffic buildings such as hospitals and schools. Amazingly many of these installations still remain today in beautiful condition, a testament to the remarkable usable lifespan of FlexiFlor.


Historic photos of FlexiFlor installations throughout the years

Brochures & Advertisements

Historic FlexiFlor brochures and advertisements