Professional adhesives specially formulated for professional results. We offer five thoroughly field tested and approved specific application adhesives. Please contact our sales department to help you determine the best adhesive for your application.

#95 HydroLock

This solvent-free ultra low odor adhesive is designed for indoor installations of FlexiFlor sheet rubber, tile, and stair treads with elevated subfloor moisture conditions. #95 HydroLock is fortified with antimicrobials to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Available in 1 gallon pails or 4 gallon containers. Recommended for use on or above grade over concrete substrates with up to 90% RH and pH of 11.0. Approximately 160-180 sqft of coverage per gallon. 

#56 Latex Adhesive

This environmentally friendly trowelable white latex adhesive is recommended for most FlexiFlor sheet rubber, tile, and stair tread installations. Developed specifically for rubber flooring, our #56 Latex will facilitate a trouble-free installation that will last decades. Available in 1 gallon pails or 4 gallon containers. Can be used over concrete substrates with up to 75% RH and pH of 7.0-9.0. Approximately 125-150 sqft of coverage per gallon. 

#5 Epoxy Adhesive

A solvent-free 2-part chemically setting adhesive designed for the most demanding installation conditions. May be used to install rubber stair treads, FlexiFlor sheet rubber and tile, Lo-Pro tiles, and Design Surface tiles. Recommended for high moisture areas and difficult-to-bond surfaces such as metal stairs, flame treated wood, and terrazzo. Approximately 150 sqft of coverage per gallon.

#10 Epoxy Stair Nose Caulk

A solvent-free compound designed specifically to prevent the flexing and premature cracking of Flexiflor rubber stair treads and nosings. The Epoxy Caulk is applied in the nose of the treads, prior to installation and, when uniformly applied, fills voids or gaps between the internal nose angle of the tread and step edge, developing a strong bonding support between the two surfaces. The Epoxy Caulk can be used to repair cracks, holes, depressions, and worn edges on concrete, wood, or metal stairs.

#17 Rubber Aerosol Adhesive

Our #17 Spray Adhesive is a water-based aerosol adhesive recommended for installations of FlexiFlor and all resilient floor coverings. It is particularly convenient since it can be used in occupied buildings and greatly reduces the handling and application requirements associated with conventional adhesives. The inverted delivery system allows the installer to apply adhesive from a normal standing position. Demonstrates highly aggressive grab and shear bond strength, and has outstanding water and plasticizer resistance. Can be used over concrete substrates with up to 90% RH and pH of 8.0-11.0. Approximately 100 sqft of coverage per can.